My girlfriend Kimberly Benavidez but she is very shy and she won't talk to me and I would like her to talk to me it's upsetting me how she won't talk to me. I would like her to be talking to me and accept my Snapchat friend request. Accept my Mewe friend request. Call me on my cell phone right now. View my messages I have for her on messaging. View my Christmas Eve ecard I sent her on Christmas Eve. View my Valentine's day card I sent her on Valentine's day. And finally admit her feelings for me I told him my feelings for her and she knew all along had feelings for her me and her talked about getting married she can't get pregnant but she said we can adopt children and I'm okay with that. and I would like her to permanently and her friendship with this psychopath by the name of Luke Crow I want her to permanently stop talking to him and only talk to me.