Hello! I'm not part of your community, but may I please ask for prayers?

Please pray for Grant J.'s soul to deeply heal, the idols in his life and veils from his eyes removed, so his spiritual sight is free from stronghold of unbelief & for God's goodness to lead him to repentance. And for creative healing of his ankle.

Please pray for Hugh, Cindy and their daughter Casey O. For the removal of the veils off their eyes and idols removed and God's goodness covers them. And for restoration of their relationship.

Pray my dad, Gerry, is free from gambling addiction.

For God to send the most effective workers to witness to them. And all these captives are set free so they can see, know, embrace, walk in the truth of Jesus and for God's purposes to shine in their lives! Most importantly, Praise God that all of the people in these prayers now know and walk with Jesus and revival happens in the lives of multitudes!