Praying For Gisela

Praying For Gisela Mooney. She goes by Ella Rae. she’s in her 30’s. she’s doesn’t like her body and thinks she overweight not only that she’s thinks she not attractive. she also has a drug and alcohol addiction. she been battling it for 7 years. she claims to be clean after March 2020 after going to rehab but she still does drugs and drinks alcohol. people who she was friends with has been talking about her toxic behavior. few weeks ago she said she rather be a drug addict than overweight. she wordship crack, meth, drugs addicts and also homeless people. she also gaslight people as well. Gisela is very smart and talented woman. she does hair, draw and sell her art, and studying to be a lawyer or judge. she also just won a honor award and medal form moving top 12% to top 10% in her class. she had a boyfriend but he died from drugs and alcohol addiction. while Gisela is a talented woman her art promotes violence and drugs not only that but her art tends to attract kids and people with disabilities because she uses bright colors in her art, is she also teach 1st and 3rd grades how to draw i’m praying for Gisela. i hope she gives her life to Christ and get to know Jesus. i hope she move forward and get off drugs and alcohol. i hope she start doing and selling godly art. this woman needs Jesus badly.

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