you prayed for mike who broke up witb evet alm 7 wks ago he accused her of cheat on him bec she hd her cell fone off evet didnt cheat on mike she bn cellibat ov 10 yrs. aft he lf evet he txt her calling her all kinds names ths past wk they cros sed paths and talked evet apologized but mike didnt he acted as though he did nothing evet not sure whts goin on betw him and hs,fem frnd c.c but evet is leav mike and c.c in Gods hands evet hsnt heard from mike and shes not run behnd him she doesnt knw if he loves her their no communicatiions has caused them to experience some level of mistrust. plsase pray for mike and evet. mike knws tht he goin to hv to produce an engagement ring to win evet back