please pray for mike who broke up w/evet 3 wks ago bec he accused her of cheat on him because she didnt hv cell fone on. after mike left evet he immed text her calling her every name in the book for no reason mike is now pal around with c.c. who suppos engaged to a man no one sees c.c influenced mike to breakup with evet she doesnt like evet ths c.c. hs a bad spirit constantly complaining tht rub off on mike who daily tear down evet ths c.c isnt christian. evet is christian she believ God sent mike in her life mike tld evet tht he has no conscience of doing anythng wrong so hes not apologizing to her. mike seems to be running around w few women he was in love w/evet talk marriage thn someone tld him a lie about evet so he immed cut her off. mike has no love in his heart hes hard hearted and almost out of church