I am praying

I am praying for my ex boyfriend Matt. He deserves a better life, better health, real friends that care about him, money in abundance, and most of all, his family needs to show him the love they never gave him. He is brilliant and attractive inside and out. He is creative, resourceful, respected by many, and has perfect teeth, an amazing style, and nice hair. He needs to start believing in himself more. He is outcasted by his family and being pushed to find a new one and they end up outcasting him too out of envy. He needs to stand up for himself and has trouble doing so and oftentimes feels uncomfortable when other people stand up for him. He needs to find friends that don’t treat him like dirt because all of them are jealous of him. Their evil, jealous ways are bringing the worst out of him. He has SO much potential and it hurts me to see him waste it on the wrong people and situations. Prayers for Matt.

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