My name is Mwangana, I am asking for prayers of deliverance and restoration. I am currently going through a very difficult spiritual, finance and career situation. I lost my Job in September 2018 and no proper reason was given to me for my lose of job, 2 months later I lost my mother.

I have been unable to get a job since then despite attending over 20 interviews most of which have been very successful. All the businesses I try to get my hands on are not making progress and I have never earned any money from the works of my hands from the time I lost my Job.

I have lost my house and now just squatting with my family at an uncle's house, and now feel lost and frustrated. I seek deliverance because I believe that this struggle that I am going through is not what my heavenly Father has intended or planned for me. Please Pray for me or help me pray for deliverance and restoration. I ask you in Jesus Christ our Lord's name.