I am a middle aged man. Some anonymous people along with my wife are trying to steal all my money. My mother sacrificed her savings for my wellbeing. I trusted my wife and gave her money whenever she asked citing reasons that keeping money in the bank is not worth. Now she complains that all the money is drained. Now I come to realize that she cheated some money while buying our new home. I have a son and group of people are trying to steal all my money. Healthwise me and my son are suffering very much. I did not expect such a change from my wife. It is very disheartening. But I am adjusting for the sake of my son. Please pray for me, my son and my mother. She is in tears again as I am ignorant of the traps set by the group of people which includes my wife also. I am jobless and some people are stopping companies from offering me a job by framing that I am not suitable. Please pray that we get back our money and also for our wellbeing. I prayed since my childhood but lost belief now. Please pray for us. Please pray for us.