Since I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things are added to me. There may be a shortage of food in the cupboard and money in the bank, but my God supplies all my need according to His riches in glory. El Shaddai is my source. I speak light into the darkness. Lack of clothing I speak to you. Lack of finances I speak to you. Lack of food I speak to you. Lack of transportation I speak to you. “If God be for me, you cannot be against me. Be removed from my life and be cast into the sea”. Provisions, food, clothing and money, I speak to you, “Come into my life. Come into the life of my family. Righteousness finds its way to me. Healing finds its way to me. Prosperity finds its way to me. Financial blessings come upon me and overtake me”, in Jesus name, Amen.
Jesus is preeminent in my life. Therefore, all grace is abounding toward me. So I can have a sufficient supply in every area of my life to give into every good work of God. I am a giver. I am a sower. Therefore, I am a reaper. Harvest day has arrived. Jesus became poor on the cross so I could be rich. Prosperity is part of the atonement and my spiritual right. I resist lack and poverty in Jesus name. I will not live below my covenant rights I am prosperous. Today will be a good day. Every weapon of Satan planned for me will turn on him. This day, I am more than a conqueror. Today will be filled with blessings from God. All spiritual and natural blessings for this day have been arranged for me before the foundation of the earth, in Jesus name, Amen.