In the name of Jesus, I thank you in advance for free favors. I thank you in advance for 100% liberation from everything that has ever bound me. I receive restoration now, all slavery in my life is abolished now.
I fully expect unexpected income now. I receive increase of prosperity now. I am a recipient of the transference of the wealth of the wicked. I have no more oppression, no more harassment. I have supernatural protection from heaven and all of my debts are removed. I am free from debt. Right now and forever more.
I command the angels of God, go now, and bring to pass what I have confessed. Bring to pass this soundness, this wholeness , this soteria, and this salvation. Bring it to me now, quickly and speedily in the name of Jesus.
I have jubilee harvest right now, right now, right now. I am baptized in jubilee, in Jesus name, Amen.