Prayer can be an incredibly effective source of physical and emotional protection. In our lives, we are faced with many sources of stress and worry. Often this stress and the reasons we worry can have a slowing effect on our life’s progress. Prayer for protection can help us cope with the pressures we face in life. Not only does prayer help us better align our lives with where God would have us, it helps us to better understand the situations we face.

This can provide emotional protection from worry and allow us to receive God’s protection from physical danger. A prayer of protection for our families and friends can have the same effect on our worries about loved ones and should be practiced regularly. Take for example a wife prayer for her husband who is a firefighter. Through her fireman’s prayer finds comfort and hope that he will return home safely.

Protection Prayer

A basic protection prayer should consist of an expression of gratitude, a sincere reflection of desired protection, and a humble plea for help. If you sincerely offer a protection prayer will well thoughtout requests, and sincere thankfulness, you can expect protection to come. Although it might not be how you expect it, God always answers humble prayers. The tricky part for many of us, including myself more often than not, is recognizing the protection or answer when he freely gives.

Consider this…

God loves us and wants to protect us from all danger. He does however let adverse situations happen in our lives because he knows that we will grow through the trials. These lessons we learn are God’s way of protecting us from future situations for which we will offer a protection prayer. How many times have you prayed for protection and found comfort in the memory of an earlier trail? If you have never had this experience, you can rest assured that God has been preparing you for the trial you face now or has been preparing the protection you need for quite some time.

So if God wants to protect us, how can we be sure that he will?

With a few simple things remembered, we can find faith and hope that God is going to protect us. There are some very important things to remember when we pray; meaning everything we say, being grateful for already learned lessons, asking for more faith and hope, offering our love and admitting our reverence and respect, try to be personal, and following our heart. If you already do these things, great, pick one to focus on and try to improve. If all or some of these aspects are new to you, don’t worry they are really easy to become good at. Try this:

  • Pick one aspect you want to focus on, then say a prayer (verbal or not) and have every sentence relate to aspect you chose.
  • Do this a few times until your comfortable with that aspect. Next start adding in 1 or 2 sentences at a time focusing on another aspect.
  • Repeat this until your prayers feel like they are full of faith. By this time, you should notice it has become easier to trust that God is protecting you with the things you have been asking for.
  • Then tell me your experience so others can benefit from your story and the things you learn.