One of the biggest questions on the minds of many is whether or not there truly is a higher being who watches over the world and grants wishes to those who are deserving. Despite all the existence questions floating around and no concrete proof to go with it, this does not stop a great number of people from reaching out and asking for assistance from this seemingly omnipotent figure.

Any individual who currently practices a religion knows that this higher power is at the center of their faith. As such, all daily activities revolve around being a good person in order to please Him, and have a greater chance of prayers being answered and fulfilled.

Yet if the world at large doesn't know for sure whether He really does govern the universe, what is the purpose of daily prayer, and why do so many participate in an organized faith?

A sense of belonging is one of the primary reasons people identify with one religion or another. And as groups of people with the same creed join forces over their common beliefs, a sensation of camaraderie overtakes the atmosphere and provides a place where participants can feel at ease, asking their higher being for their most pressing needs to be met.

There are many who say their prayer for the day. Interestingly, those who do have reported happier lives as they feel "watched over" in their day-to-day routines. A narrow miss in a potential car accident, the confidence to ace an interview and receive the offer for that coveted job, and meeting one's future significant other are all events that people have pointed to as the result of the power of prayer.

Daily prayer also has the power to inspire a person to conduct themselves in the most kind manner when it comes to interacting with others. Further, it serves as a common ground for individuals to form relationships where comfort and support can be found when times are trying for a member of the group.

Experience the power of daily prayer and enjoy a more grounded existence!