If you just started to seek Christ, to be always looking and praying faithfully. This is important in itself obedience. Do not get down on themselves too much concern about the “mindless” things to your mind. You are to obey God by giving it all the genuine concerns of your heart. Keep on demand what you want (if you really want it) and see if it is not God give you something better.

You will be after the experience that it is not by your choice of words, but by their proximity to Christ, that God may answer. God hears and answers all prayers, even if only in a way that is consistent with his divinity. Therefore, we should not ask him for help to get ends meet. This is certainly legitimate. But the astonishing, groundbreaking joy is here that we can find him at all.

The wonderful aspect of God’s answers to prayer is the fact that he is who he is the God who hears and answers prayers. Even though our words of prayer are small and weak, but, as we spend time in his presence, we will not be able to avoid the heavenly transformation.

In this way God often shows up where you least expect it, in all types of childhood prayers. And the most beautiful aspect of prayer to God is the reality of his presence among us. How could we not want to pray all the time?

We will also learn how to get better as we learn to simply enjoy His presence among us pray. However, the presence of God will continue to seem hard for us as long as we keep from asking. He is already with us in Christ so that we could ask him for anything.

All we need to do is ask. Excuse-making, would think religious people like to attend this hearing from God was more than complicated. Christ is not our loved ones? When I love someone, then my heart should be, to them, as I hope they are open to mine. Therefore, if a loved one something that I feel like I am not ashamed, he or she does not ask directly. This makes sense, automatic for all involved.

I will either get what I will or I will not, either, as I have nothing to lose by asking. And if I enjoy the time talking to a certain loved one, and they want to talk to me, we could also enjoy the call, regardless of whether anything I wanted. In this way, it would make sense to us, just Jesus Christ for all small and big thing that we need to ask. Just ask.

We generally do not fear approaching a close friend or family member, unless some critical complication lies in this relationship. Certainly would have incalculable enmity between us and God. . . that is, if Christ has not already removed every bit of hostility, complication, and apologize to us by approaching him directly could prevent.

For Christ is our open door, so there is absolutely nothing preventing us from heaven with all our business in order. Either that is true, or God is incompetent and a liar. And if we hold ourselves to the search, then this is for financial institutions of Christ. It is not our strength that we seek to keep in prayer, but only because Christ went so far out of the way around for the seeker.

We just might call good, what can we do, “it draw us near to himself, even though we do.” And the experience will teach us that only the Spirit of God go all the way to the truth home to our conscience and conviction. Ask the Lord every moment of life is mysterious and yet at the same time, not so mysterious.

Although Christ is hidden in the eternal, inviolable sanctity, he is also very accessible at the same time. Therefore, rather than curse the world around us or Get at us, we keep this simple purpose, which is looking to Christ. Instead of excuses for what we will not know we are to Christ and to see, if not he fill every gap with his mysterious down-to-earth Divinity. In this way, we let Christ each and every thing to us.