Take a Risk

Are you a risk taker? Futures, stocks & bonds require a certain amount of risk, don’t they? Some readers may […]

Receive Jesus

And yet. . . these are two distinct characteristics that every committed Christian must embody, endure and excel to be […]

Power in Prayer

The transformative power of the Holy Spirit will CHANGE the world – we won’t. If we genuinely commit to loving […]

Be at Peace

Christ shows us His wounds. His wounds are His promises fulfilled and carved into His flesh. The tortuous piercings’ are […]

Words are Powerful

Some of the most engaging and thought-provoking introductions to the Old Testament Prophets are found in Eugene H. Peterson’s translation […]

Persistent in Prayer

Some of us feel that the only way that we can ensure that something really comes from God (notice the […]

Intimate with God

One of the gravest errors any Christian can ever make is to assume that their walk with Jesus (to grow […]