Rejoice in hope, persist in prayer and give thanks

Experience a closer relationship with God and find strength and peace in our daily life

Rejoice in hope

Encourages us to focus on the good things and blessings we have, and to maintain a hopeful outlook.

Pray continually

Express your thoughts, feelings, gratitude, and requests to God, seeking His guidance, and comfort.

Give thanks

We give thanks by praying and talking to God, expressing our gratitude for His love, mercy, and faithfulness. Thankful heart and recognize everything good in our life comes from God.

Pray and ask

When we pray and make requests to God, we have faith and trust He will answer our prayers. Believe and have confidence God will grant what we ask for. Strong faith and trust in God’s power and love, we can expect to receive the things we seek through prayer.

Talk to God

We can share with God what we need, trusting that He hears and cares for us. It reminds us to have a grateful attitude by thanking God for the blessings and goodness we have experienced in our lives. Through this practice of prayer and gratitude, we can find peace and comfort in our relationship with God.