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Headstones Los AngelesAre you looking at headstones in the Los Angeles area? Order your memorial where locals shop. American Headstones is the most trusted name in the Los Angeles area- and for a lot of good reasons!

Many headstone suppliers will not tell you that your memorial must meet with the requirements of the cemetery where it will be placed. This missing piece of information can lead to a host of problems after placing your order and may mean you’ve wasted your time and money and will have to re-order. American Headstones is committed to their customers’ experience; that’s why they post the “10 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Headstone” article right on their home page.

The cemetery where your headstone will be placed most likely has regulations, rules or codes that must be met when it comes to headstones in their Los Angeles plots. In short, you can’t just order whatever you want and expect that it will be placed. Customers often print out the article from American Headstones’ website to have on hand during their telephone conversation with the cemetery. This will save you a lot of heartache down the road.

A few of the most important items on the list include:

- Obtaining a written copy of your cemetery’s regulations or codes to keep for your personal records. Having this in a hard copy will keep any surprises from coming up later.

- Determining whether the plot where you will be placing the memorial is a single, companion, baby or cremation plot, along with the location of the plot.

- What materials are allowed in the cemetery; often, if a bronze marker is allowed it will need a granite or cement base.

- What are the minimum and maximum size requirements?

- Are there requirements or disallowances for engravings or emblems?

- Are there restrictions on granite or bronze colors?

- Ask about photograph limitations, restrictions of codes, such as color/black & white, etched photos or other specifications.

- Does your marker need to have a mower-proof edge or a specific type of border?

- What are the setting fees? These will most likely have to be paid before the marker is delivered.

You’ll find AllHeadstones.com to be a terrific resource when it comes to blog articles and information, all designed to help customers purchase the perfect headstones for Los Angeles markers. Consider reading through a few of the blog articles for ideas about customizing your loved one’s marker. 

Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or have been thinking about memorializing them in some way, a custom designed headstone can be a very fitting tribute to their memory. American Headstones in Los Angeles has been creating beautifully-designed headstones since 1983, with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that is simply unmatched in any other local company.

If you’d like to have some questions answered or would like to talk to a specialist from American Headstones, feel free to call 949-228-7055 or send an email to josh@AmericanHeadstoneCompany.com.  Headstones Los Angeles
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